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KD Group is a leading player in children's tablets and electronic learning products since 1996. We are passionate about developing innovative children's products, while minimizing the affects on the environment. We not only use our creativity to develop new products, we also use our creative energy on developing a more sustainable future.

We focus on improving the workplace environment, health and safety of our employees and developing eco-friendly products. We are committed to upholding our mission to improve every family's life through our products, technology and sustainability developments.

KD Group Sustainability graphic

Our Workplace

We are dedicated to providing our employees an array of opportunities and programs to help them achieve their full potential. We work hard to provide our employees with a supportive, happy and healthy workplace environment. We know that our greatest asset is our employees.

Environmental Protection

KD Group strives to uphold a green manufacturing and logistics practice. We are committed to protecting the environment and devleoping product in an eco-friendly way! We want to create a sustainable future for our people and planet.

Product Responsability and Innovation

We have an unyielding passion for excellence and a commitment to develope the best products for children on the market. We innovate today to create a better tomorrow. Our core values are at the heart of every product we develop - Quality. Innovation. Responsibility.